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5 Questions to Ask to Connect with Your Inner Self

If you have ever done any self-improvement work before, you will know that it all starts with asking questions.

The questions you ask yourself will gradually help you to uncover your purpose.

If you are only just delving into your inner journey, then these questions will help you connect, consider and gain a wonderful insight into the inner workings of your true self.

What Did You Love Doing as a Child?

The great thing about being a child is our ability to be our true selves before life gets in the way.

We have great fun deciding what we like, and what we don’t and cherishing the things we love wholeheartedly.

For most, being a child was carefree and even if our childhood was a difficult one.

We still looked at the world from a child's perspective. What did you love doing when you were small? Those passions might have evolved, but they are still in there somewhere.

If You Didn’t Have to Work for a Living, What Would You Do All Day?

Most of us dream of a time when we don’t have to work for a living, where we can be free to do whatever takes our fancy on any given day.

If that were the case, what would you do?

Really think about it because, in reality, it wouldn’t be as easy as you think.

Days can be long, what would you do to fill those hours and remain fulfilled?

How Do You Re-Energise Emotionally?

What is your go-to activity or emotional release when life gets too much?

Are you an outgoing and social person who draws energy from others or do you need time to yourself to re-connect and recharge your body and mind? This question can reveal a lot about your inner self.

What Are Your Dreams and Can You Make Them Happen?

What’s your dream? Deep down inside.

Take away all of the barriers that come to mind. Forget money, skill, qualifications, accessibility, availability, everything for a moment and just focus on your dream and what it is.

If we take away the negative aspects to start with, who knows what possibilities might arise as your dream starts to look more achievable than you first thought?

Imagination is everything it is your view of life’s coming attraction.

Who Would You Help If You Could?

If you could help someone, anyone, without any hurdles, who would it be and why?

Asking yourself questions of this nature is a good way to identify what is important to you. As humans, it’s in our nature to want to help those who are smaller, weaker, or in a worse position than ourselves and this can open up the path to your true purpose in life.

If you feel the above questions have helped you or you want to delve deeper into what you have found out about yourself by asking them, I can help.

I found my true purpose and that is to serve and surrender my love to all the people that I meet I believe we are here on this earth to find self and help people to find themselves too.

“The service that we give people here in this world is the rent that we pay for being here.” — Muhammad Ali

I am here helping people like you to connect the dots to their inner selves and working with them to create a fulfilling future.

I am Morris The Connector. If you would like to connect with me or learn more about my story and how I am qualified to help you, please contact me.

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