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How Driving VIP and Celebrity Clients Helped to Shape My Future

If you have read my previous blogs you will know it took me a long time to get to this new chapter in my life. A place where I can wear my own crown and shape my own future.

If you are not familiar with my background, you can read more about that here.

After a lifetime of crime and drug-induced living, I came to a realisation; I didn’t have to re-trace the well-worn path I had become accustomed to. My life was worth more and I could do so much better for myself.

Getting out of my old way of living wasn’t easy, but my belief and determination succeeded me in what I needed to do, and I won! Now I get to wear my own crown with pride.

In 2003 I set up a chauffeur business. It wasn’t easy but I had been to the brink of despair many times and material things had somehow lost their shine.

I wanted this venture to succeed for me, for my family and to prove to myself I could be the creator of my own wellbeing.

It's not an easy ride to the top, there were many bumps in the road and when my business partner and I went our separate ways in 2010, we had to close down our business, due to the credit crunch.

Justin Bieber and Morris 'The Connector' Lothian
Justin Bieber showing me something on his phone.

I was again there with just me and my car.

So, I started over again and went back to my house as a sole trader.

I must say I believed in myself and that God had his plan for me.

Before I knew it, I had a fleet of cars. I was no longer ‘Starboy’ from the street, but chauffeur to the stars. It was like a dream.

As I was driving around with Beyoncé, Whitney Houston, Justin Bieber and many others. I wanted to pinch myself to see if it was real.

I loved my chauffeur business, but I felt that there was more to me than just being a chauffeur, something else was calling me.

I realised one day when I met an amazing lady called Sonia Brown MBE at my gym. She asked me if I would like to do a talk at a business forum for NatWest bank about starting a business in front of around 100 people.

In life, there are three things that we never get back, one is time, the second is words that are spoken and the last one is opportunities.

This was an opportunity for sure. I went and delivered the talk and this is where I found my purpose.

I liked what I did and allowed me to take the road to where I am now. I believe now that I have found my true purpose. My life and my mindset are transformed.

Just pause for a moment... Ask yourself how are YOU feeling. Are you struggling with your way of life? Do you feel stuck and unsatisfied?

I found my purpose and that purpose has led me here, right now, in front of you, to help you change your mindset and assist you to find your own way.


I now go by the name The Connecter and I can help you connect to your inner-self and find your true path. It’s there, I can assure you; you just need to know where to look.

If you want to know more about me or you would like my help, I’d love to chat with you. You can contact me here. #WearYourOwnCrown

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