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Updated: Oct 4, 2022

Hello everyone, Morris “The Connector” here again.

I recently had an amazing interview with DJ and Radio presenter Tricia “The Elevator” O’Neal on Unique Radio.

We spoke about me and my life, my goals and where I see myself going in the future.

We also spoke about how I came to be the man that you all know as Morris “The Connector”, because as we all know, everyone has a story. You are the pen and paper of your story. You can play the victim or the hero. I am now the hero because of how I changed my life and mindset around for the better, and I am happy every day of the week.

After coming through so much adversity, you too can do the same things by taking the baby steps that are needed.

They say adversity introduces a man or woman to themselves, which I can honestly say is true, after all, that I have experienced in my life.

We all have a story. This is life.

These are some of the things I spoke about on the show how the trials and tribulations are what mould us into the people we are today and will be tomorrow.

Tricia and I talked about my rough upbringing and not being able to have what some other children had, especially being one of six children and how that led me to be on the streets selling drugs and many other things which helped my money status, but didn’t make me as a person feel whole.

This is where Morris “The Connector” comes to life and now I’m helping people realise their potential and connect within themselves.

Doing these kinds of interviews has helped me to tell my story.

My goal is to help everyone that I meet to be the absolute best that they can be. If I can do it so can you. Perseverance and staying committed are key to achieving any goal in life.

Before, during and after the interview I felt the most comfortable I’ve ever felt and that’s all thanks to Tricia.

She never failed to keep the conversation flowing, she asked questions that will help anyone who didn’t know me and wanted to know how I became Morris The Connector, they would be clear now that they have listened to me talk about my journey.

This was hands down the best interview I’ve ever done.

I would really appreciate it if you could all click the link below and take a quick listen to the interview, I am sure that you would be able to connect with something that I spoke about.

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